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X2 can deliver the solution and savings identified during the transport consultancy process.
Our experienced team of transport specialists will look at your existing operation and cost structure and propose alternatives

Transport consultancy services we supply our customers with

  • Our experienced team of transport specialists can act as consultants in a review of your business
  • We provide transport consultancy as a means to an end and will actually deliver the solution and the benefits

  • Wouldn’t you like to have a transport consultant actually deliver the changes and the efficiencies they identify?

  • We would propose flexible and innovative commercial arrangements

Customers we support with Transport Consultancy

Any customer can benefit from this free service

Benefits for our customers

  • Free scoping day where we identify the potential for changes and efficiencies

  • If X2 are awarded the business, no fees chargeable for the consultancy

  • Continuous improvement and looking for better solutions

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