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Our tramping services complement logistics companies, multi-site manufacturers, retailers with complex flows and more. Our tramping vehicles become an extension of your core fleet and operate under your specific instructions.

X2 resource vehicles and drivers that stay with the vehicle overnight. This means that the tramping service can be planned location to location without the need to return to base until the end of the driving week – minimising empty running.

Tramping services we supply our customers with

  • Tramping Unit only utilising customer’s trailer

  • Unit and X2 trailer to your specification

  • 5-day pattern

  • 6-day pattern

  • 4 on 4 off (2 drivers) to necessitate 7-day cover

  • All year-round support

  • Peak support only

  • Standby and emergency vehicles

Customers we support with Tramping Services

Multi-site retailers and e-commerce operators

With multiple supplier collection points and distribution depots nationwide

National haulage and logistics companies’

Servicing multiple customers and delivery points with origin geographies where they don’t have capacity themselves or locations locally to service

Manufacturers with multiple production sites

Re-workers and co-packers as well as customer delivery points across the country

Importers sending unaccompanied trailers

From the continent for onward delivery and collection of domestic customers or return export traffic

Importers moving sea containers around the UK

Collecting containers from all main ports of entry and related railheads, delivering to customers and repatriating empty containers to desired drop off points nationwide.

Benefits for our customers

  • Dedicated resource to work under your direct control

  • Work to your requirements Traction only or with trailer

  • At your disposal for the Full week.

  • Night out so reduced empty running returning to base

  • Chill ambient Frozen options all available

  • X2 can introduce 3rd party loads to further increase efficiency and reduce costs

  • Servicing collections and deliveries from multiple customers

  • Minimise empty running

  • Can operate 5, 6 or across 7 days

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