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Does X2 have the capability and experience to support parts manufacturers and car manufacturers in the Automotive sector?

Yes absolutely, X2 have been supporting the automotive sector for a number of years, including parts suppliers, car manufacturers, and their main logistics providers.

We support..

  • Suppliers to Automotive

  • Car manufacturers

  • Packaging suppliers

  • LLP Logistics companies

Services we provide include

Parts collection service

Use of Customer IT scanning system for ASN notification

Repatriation of reusable packaging

Feeding lineside

One way haulage

Traction with or without trailers

Box, curtainside taillft trailers

Same day emergency couriers

European collections

On site shunting

Benefits of our solution

  • Immensely flexible and scalable

  • A variable pay as you go cost structure means no dormant assets or residual cost when volumes drop.

  • We are happy to agree to formal contracts, but just as happy to work to an RHA agreement to trade or a basic agreement.

  • Vehicle and driver resources are from a large, shared asset pool which means

    • No single point of failure

    • Best placed to mitigate transport shortages

    • Ideally placed to mitigate challenges resulting from the ongoing Driver shortage

    • Single point of contact single invoice

    • Straightforward communication lines

    • Professional and efficient service

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