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Scott Christian, Commercial Director for X2

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Meet X2’s new Commercial Director, Scott Christian

By ian | Feb 2, 2023 | Blog

 We’re delighted to announce the new Commercial Director, Scott Christian. With the constantly changing face of 4PL, Scott Christian’s perspective on the industry couldn’t be more valuable.

We found a moment to speak with Scott. We asked to see how he feels about becoming the new Commercial Director of X2.

Scott Christian, Commercial Director for X2

What’s your vision for X2?

That’s easy, I want X2 to fulfil its potential and become “the fastest growing, most respected independent privately owned transport 4PL in the UK. We strive to create maximum value for our customers, our employees and our shareholders”. 

The business has been extremely successful to date. However, I feel the ability to respond flexibly to our customer’s ever-changing demands, with dynamic pay-as-you-go transport solutions in a market where you really don’t know what’s around the corner, is a fantastic solution for many more organisations. 

It’s my role to help the X2 reach out to these new customers.

Can you tell us about your journey to this role? 

My career in logistics started at the coalface, working as a data input clerk in a traffic office back in 2001. I loved the transport industry vibe and progressed to a first-line management role helping run transport for customers such as M&S and JD Wetherspoon.    

After a few years, I was offered the opportunity to work for Tesco. I gained huge experience at both a steady state operation and on a major startup site as part of the management team, working directly for the retailer. 

“I then took up a role running my own contract working for a privately owned National haulier running their nationwide contract with Netto Supermarkets”

After Netto was acquired by ASDA, I had my first introduction to the value and benefits of a 4PL transport subcontract solution. The role had me managing the inter-depot movements nationwide on behalf of ASDA.

I then spent several years with Wincanton and then DHL in roles including Regional Transport Manager, Transport Development, Network Planning, Integration and Collaboration. This culminated in operating two 4PL control towers for DHL, responsible for both operations and commercial development. 

I then spent a year working for myself as a transport consultant but missed the cut and thrust of operating and owning a solution. Before joining X2 I worked for one of the largest parcel operators in the marketing a sector I have not been involved in before. I found the dynamic nature of supporting direct to Consumer operations exciting, as well as challenging, particularly through the pandemic. 

I had been aware of X2 for some time and had seen their development over recent years, and it was a no-brainer when I was invited to join the team. 

I am looking forward to helping the business grow and fulfil its potential and continue to solve transport challenges for retailers, manufacturers and other logistics companies.  

Lorry driving down motorway with red backlights   

What impact do X2 transport solutions have on businesses 

To an extent, this depends on what solution a customer has in place. 

For example, X2 replacing a dedicated in-house or outsourced fleet with a more flexible solution which can precisely match a customer’s fluctuating or highly seasonal volume, will remove an unproductive resource, save money and also make life easier for the customer. 

Another example could be a customer dealing with multiple hauliers themselves to deliver a solution. X2 will manage that on their behalf. You’ll have one point of contact for order receipt, planning, communication, live updates, PODs, invoicing and production of KPIs covering all aspects of the business.

Our aim is to save customers money, de-risk solutions and simplify transport relationships. Furthermore, we want to provide inbuilt contingencies in what is a very challenging marketplace.  


Why is a good supply chain important?

Would you like more information on how X2 could increase productivity and add value to your company? Contact our support team today and discover your logistical solution now. 

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What challenges does the industry face at the moment 

A culmination of factors from events over the last few years have, and are still, adversely impacting on supply chains. These are major issues now, but if volumes recover in 2023 these issues will be even more significant and will potentially severely impact some businesses’ ability to service their customers. 

The consequences of Brexit, continued pandemic impacts in the Far East (and closer to home), along with the cost impacts of the war in Ukraine are all major challenges for our economy and businesses.

Chronic labour shortages particularly with drivers have recently fallen away from the headlines. There’s been a reduced volume of products requiring delivery as a result of these and other factors based on both demand and supply shortages.

In addition to this, the pace of company insolvencies is predicted to increase in the first part of 2023. None more than in the transport sector, due to the challenges around fuel costs, labour shortages and costs. 

With those insolvencies comes resource shortages such as vehicles and trailers with resultant additional increases in cost as supply and demand further drive up prices. A vicious circle.

What do you value as a Commercial Director? 

Being part of a company that can provide real workable solutions to their businesses’ transport challenges. 

Being part of a business that is not tied up in lengthy approval processes is key. This can mean in some cases responding with solutions for a client the same day, making quick evaluations, rapid, decisive decision making and swift professional implementation. This is a dream for a Commercial Director in this space.

A business with robust financials, with a huge supplier base with multiple solutions for every conceivable requirement for our customers, allows us to provide answers to our customers for almost any challenge however big or small they may have. 

Above all a flexible and reactive business model which can respond to a customer’s highs and lows precisely. 

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An interesting fact about yourself…

Man and boy, a committed Spurs fan is about as interesting as I get! Shows I can live with the highs and lows in life at least…… 


We look forward to seeing how Scott Christian impacts X2 for the better. 

How do I improve my supply chain? 

Get in touch with us at X2 today and explore our efficient and game-changing solutions that will level up your supply chain. Make production smoother and allow us to find efficient fleet solutions for you. X2 are proud to take the stress out of supply chain management.